Before You Get Your Next Ticket, Read The “Speeder’s Revenge Handbook, 2nd Edition”! Media Dubbed it “The Glove Box Attorney”.

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Every year throughout the US, cities, villages and townships write millions of traffic citations. The fines and fees associated with these offenses are as follows:  an average traffic ticket costly $150.00 to $300.00 plus attorney fees of $150.00 to $400.00.  DUI, AKA OMVI, offenses cost $650.00 to $1500.00 or more in fines and fees plus attorney fees of $1000.00 to $ 1500.00 or more, plus an average yearly insurance premium increase of at least $1000.00 or more per year.

The “Speeder’s Revenge Handbook 2nd Edition” is not a gimmick;  it has physically proven its worth time after time on the street and in courts throughout the US. The cost of the “Speeder’s Revenge Handbook 2nd Edition” is an absolute drop in the bucket compared to what it could cost you in fines and fees, as well as increased monthly insurance premiums.

Why is it important that I read this e-book before I get my next traffic ticket?   This e-book contains extremely important information that will tell you how to look out for various cues that show if a traffic ticket is bad and/or good on the street and in court.  After you read the e-book, you will understand what that actually means and how it might pertain to your particular situation, now and/or in the future.  It is the only book that we are aware of that has physically stopped tickets from being issued on the street.

The “Speeder’s Revenge Handbook, 2nd Edition” has an excellent, winning track record on the street and in court.  Got A Ticket For Speeding, DUI, Etc? Want To Learn How To Defeat Almost Any Violation Using Inside Secrets? If you can read 18 questions out of this e-book…you can win your case! ACTUAL FACT! To date, nobody has ever made it past question #4 out of the 18 provided.

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Books Contents:

* 18 Winning Questions – Cases Dismissed! * How To Defeat A DUI/OUI/DWI Violation Using  Manufacturers Information. * How To Look For Serious Mistakes Commonly  Associated With DUI/OUI/DWI Violations. * How To Defeat a Speeding Ticket In  Court Using The 18 Questions, Plus Solid Research To Back Up Each Question –  See Testimonials For Actual Cases. * What To Say And Do On The Street To Stop  A Ticket From Being Issued – See Testimonials For More Information. * How  To Defeat Radar Camera Trailers. * How To Properly Prepare For Court. *  How To Recognize When The Officer Is Using His Equipment Incorrectly. * How  To Look For FRA/Financial Responsibility Mistakes That Could Cost You  Your License. * How To Look For Mistakes On Traffic Accident  Reports/Tickets * How To Look For Mistakes That Are Associated With Doppler  Theory Radar. * How To Make The Officer Doubt His Findings And Stop A Ticket  On The Street – See Testimonials For More Information. * How To Get The  Points Dropped On Your Own Using A Trade Secret. * Municipal Court Judges Verses Mayor’s Court Judges (Find Out The Differences) What Do You Need To  Know Before You Go To Court?

Ohio Judge rules that Radar Speed Cameras are Scams AKA 3 Card Monty’s. Click here to read the entire story:

About the author:

I am Randy Bartone, the author of “Speeder’s Revenge Handbook, 2nd Edition”. I am a 14 year Veteran Police Officer/Traffic Investigator trained to be an expert in all related law enforcement fields: BAC Machines (Breath Testing Machines), Radar, Traffic Investigation and Criminal Investigations, etc.

During my 14 years on the job, I physically used, tested and researched the above mentioned equipment. To quickly explain my findings, this equipment is only 100% accurate when used and maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications.

My book reveals many SECRETS associated with the above mentioned equipment, as well as law enforcement in general, that the public is not aware of that could possibly change how one thinks and/or responds during a traffic stop.

Over the last two years for test market purposes, I released an estimated 500 booklets to the public defeating an estimated 150 tickets. During the initial test market, I sold many paperback booklets to well known and respected attorneys for as much as $39.95 each throughout the US. They responded that they purchased the booklet to add to their arsenal of information. Those attorneys, after reading the book and using the information, also stated that they would have paid more for the book.

I wrote this book to be simple and easy for anyone to use. If you can read the 18 questions from this booklet, you can win your case. To date, nobody has ever made it past question #4. The book is not meant to defame law enforcement and/or to give legal advice in any way. Its true purpose is to give average people intelligent questions to ask, as well as to inform the public of the many imperfections with law enforcement equipment.


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Randy Bartone

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Speeder’s Revenge E-book Legal Disclaimer

“The Speeder’s Revenge Handbook, 2nd Edition”, is not meant to defame law enforcement in any way and/or to give legal advice of any kind. It was written to level a very unlevel playing field. Please understand that we do not under any circumstances condone drinking, driving and/or speeding.

The “Speeder’s Revenge Handbook, 2nd Edition” is written without warranty of any kind, including, but not limited to, any warranties as to the completeness and/or accuracy of the data and any warranties of merchant ability of fitness for a particular purpose. The information is deemed accurate and reliable but does not come with any GUARANTEES that you will defeat your ticket/violation.   By purchasing the ebook, you understand and agree that you are using the ebooks contents at your own risk.

Please understand that you are buying an e-book, but not the rights to resell and/or distribute the e-book. Sending the e-book to friends, relatives, etc., is a clear violation of US Copyright Laws.


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